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We try to anticipate questions you might have so we have provided a list of the most commonly asked questions or if you would like to discuss your legal needs with us, please feel free to contact us by telephone or email.  All contact information can be found on this web site



Are you a beneficiary of an estate or trust in which you have not received your inheritance or interest in the trust or estate?


Has the trustee, administrator, executor, or guardian failed to preform or carry out their duties and responsibilities or mismanaged assets?


Do you know what your responsibilities and duties are as an executor, administrator, guardian, or trustee?


Has a guardian, executor, administrator, or trustee failed to act, died or unable to serve?


What are your rights and entitlements as an heir or beneficiary of an estate or trust?


What do I do if a family member or other person has gotten"too close" to the financial affairs of my aging or mentally ill loved one?


What do I do if someone who has "Power of Attorney" over the affairs of a loved one won’t give me routine information about those affairs, or seems to be making a good living being "kind" to my loved one?


What do I do if a family members, neighbors or others are trying to take control of my personal or estate affairs, and my "attorney ad litem" won’t return my telephone calls?


What do I do when my aging or mentally ill loved one just won’t (or can’t) take important actions to protect their personal o financial affairs?


What do I do to avoid falling under the control of family members, social workers, do-gooders, attorneys or judges who I really don’t know or trust?

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